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Geography Quiz Game

HAVE FUN PLAYING WITH YOUR FRIENDS  Looking for a fun quiz you can take together with your friends? Look no further! Get Geography Quiz Game – Multiplayer and organize tournaments with your friends! Gather around your iPhone and let the games begin!  MAY THE BEST MAN WIN  Both of the players take their places on the opposite sides of iPhone. Screen is split in two and the same question appears on both sides, turned in opposite directions so that each player can see it. Player that managed to be the first in correctly answering the question gets the points, while the other player loses that same number of points. But don’t rush! If you answer the question first, incorrectly, then the other player gets to see the answer you chose making it easier for him to choose the correct answer! In the end, the player that earned more points is the winner. Time for round two!  PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT  If you’re constantly being beaten by your opponents, it’s time to improve your geography knowledge! Choose the single player mode and practice playing the game when you’re alone to get ready for the next tournament!  CHALLENGE OTHER PLAYERS ONLINE Another fun way of improving your geography knowledge is to challenge other players via Game Center. This online multiplayer mode is turn-based, meaning that you have to challenge another player, finish one round and then wait for your opponent to finish his. Each round has five questions and the game is finished after four rounds. You’ll receive notification when your turn to play comes!  * FEATURES * * Choose the correct answer from A, B, C or D!  * 3 game modes: Single Player, Multiplayer and Challenge!  * Choose the length of your game!  * Single Player: 10 Questions, 25 Questions, 50 Questions and 5 Errors Endless!  * Multiplayer: 10 Questions, 15 Questions, 25 Questions and 50 Questions!  * Log in with Facebook to share your score and view the list of top players!

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