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In X-Mercs free game, Take command of your own military corporation in X-Mercs, a tactical turn-based strategy game. Assemble a team of battle-hardened specialist mercs, build up your base of operations, grab resources from your rivals in PvP raids, and wipe the alien threat from the face of the Earth. The fate of humanity depends on you,  commander! Find the latest X-Mercs review.
- Experience engrossing turn-based tactical combat and deep strategic gameplay
- Enjoy eye-popping 3D graphics and special effects
- Witness the unfolding story of a global alien invasion
- Build, train and command a team of elite mercs
- Research and deploy advanced weaponry based on alien technology
- Manage and build out your strategic base of operations
- Raid other players' bases for resources in PvP
- Battle across a huge variety of sci-fi environments
- Play anywhere, anytime with offline mode

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