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Build Away! - Idle City Builder

Love building? Want to build the most awesome city of all time? In Build Away! - Idle City Builder  game you’ll be breaking records for constructing cafes, homes, chicken shops, banks, villas and caravan parks on your mobile phone or tablet! Attract friends to your town and develop a booming tourism economy. The more you play the more you’ll discover…will the future hold an airport, resort, zoo, theme park, or even a rainbow unicorn? Find the best Build Away! tips at this best site!
* SIMPLE & RELAXING - Tap n’ swipe to grow your city from a caravan park into a metropolis!
* GROW ENDLESSLY! – Automate your city and earn continuously while you’re away!
* UNIQUE RE-DEVELOPMENT - Erect new buildings over old ones for happiness boosts and bonuses.
* FESTIVALS – Increase production by having carnivals and giving out free ice-cream!
* FRIEND TOURISTS - Attract friends to help you grow and customize your town!
* INVEST WISELY - Prove your strategy with smart decisions on when to upgrade and re-develop.
* PLAY ANYWHERE! - The world’s best idle city simulator is free to play online or offline!
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