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****FREE FOR AN UNLIMITED TIME!LIKE PLAYING A REAL GAME OF PING PONG WITH YOUR IPHONE OR IPOD TOUCH!****If you ever loved watching ping pong games on ESPN or CNN, you should try the real game experience! Start up a game of ping pong table tennis, get ready to hear your audience applause and begin the awesome action of playing in one of your own paddle ball sports tournaments!PRETEND YOUR IPHONE OR IPOD IS A TABLE TENNIS PADDLE (THINK NINTENDO WII)Everything is unique when playing ping pong with this free app, there's no need to look at the screen as the entire experience is auditorial. Listen as your serve flies across the ping pong table and your enemy opponent hits it back to you. You'll hear the ball flying towards you in which you can swing to the left or right and serve it back. Depending on how good your enemy opponent is, you'll play an intense game of tourney based ping pong for a few rounds before either your expert and health wise arm or your opponent's gives way and misses the ball.COMPETE AGAINST THE AI IN A "REAL" GAME OF PING PONG TENNISHear the chant and applause of your sport audience from the cheer stands clap for your successes and boo you in your misses and failures. But fear not! The more you play, the better you'll get at beating your ping pong player opponents. Do you think you have what it takes to play in the racquetball competition during the summer 2012 olympics? Challenge your heart and sport skills in this live action and sound based game revolving around your ping pong ball and the AI ping pong player computer!Feel the heat as you grip your iPhone or iPod Touch just like you would a table tennis paddle, sweat dripping from your brows and the gatorade you drank giving you a whirl of energy. The referee signals the game start and the crowd goes absolutely relaxing silent as you funnel your vision towards one goal, one sight: Winning this game and beating the world. Your ping pong shoes rub against the gravel in anticipation, the sun shines down upon the royal sports court with intense radiation and energy as in an instant, you fly up in the air almost like a butterfly, release the white ball in your hand and rain a shower of sweat into the air as your arm swings round to catapult your goal into sights. Seconds later the heat is on between the two of you minus any love as the ball rockets across the field with every blow from your rackets. Battle the clock, or more so your brain, as you prepare for impact and hit the ping pong ball away in defender defense as your competition does the same. In an instant, they falter a step, brace for a hit but miss, their paddle racket swings straight through the air, like an arrow flying through an empty and silent green forest. The next thing you hear is a thud as they land on the pavement, water spraying from their impact, and a little white angel crashing to the ground. The crowd stands up in an uproar as you just received the game point. Congratulations, you're the winner of this year's table tennis grand master olympics! Get this free ping pong game and feel the action of playing ping pong where ever you are!Keywords: sports, ping pong, action, court, espn, outdoors, game, competition, table tennis, tennis court, paddle ball, paddles****DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES FOR FREE TODAY!****

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