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Football Clicker

In Football Clicker game, tap your way to glory! Collect cash, recruit players, and manage your team as you battle against real opponents from all over the world. 
Play alone, or form a team with your friends to compete for fame and riches in weekly tournaments. Find the best Football Clicker cheats here!
Draft, sign, and train players into an unstoppable roster of superstars. 
• COMETE ONLINE • See how your team stacks up against the competition in blistering online matches.

Download the Football Clicker for ios and start the game! Get the latest Football Clicker review!

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Football Clickers is a new football game for ios in 2015 If you have tried it, you must have noticed something new in it Want to become a better player in recruiting top players? [Read more]
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Are you looking for different football mobile game? A new clicker game Football Clicker for ios and android is recommended for you! In this game, your goal is to put together an entire football team, starting with your kicker, who kicks accurately every t [Read more]
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There are various categories of mobile strategy games about football, and this Football Clicker game earns you points and cash Keep earning cash until you can afford to level up your kicker You earn a big payout after each successful day of Training Use [Read more]
General Information About Football Clicker for iOS
There is a new clicker game, Football Clicker It is considered as a great combination of strategy of Football Manager and the action of Football Showdown In Football Clicker game, you will be assigned to build your very own football franchise [Read more]

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