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Park of Monster

Park of Monster is a puzzle game combined with place, collect, merge and attack. In this game, you will play the role as a “savior” and lead ancient monsters to purify the world in order to restore the glory of ancient gods. It's available on iOS now, play and enjoy the pleasure of saving a magical world!

What do you need to do in Park of Monster? It is all about "merging" and "purify the pollution". The main goal of players in this game is to get strong monsters by "merging", and to control them to clean the pollution of the world. There are the features you need to know.

Merge to level up. Players can combine any 3 same items to get stronger or higher-level items in your journey.
Plant and collect. Players can plant the sacred flowers and let monsters gather from them to get sacred power and use that power to purify the pollution of world.
Evolve the monsters. Players can match 3 same monsters to discover more powerful monsters!
Competition among players. Players can send their monsters to other players' land to grab resources. Of course, the opponent can also defend.

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