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Beat da Beat

With super Beat da Beat tips, rescue the woman you love from the claws of a green-faced villain, fighting your way through various dangers; give some beans to his henchmen-all this accompanied by breathtaking hits of the coolest music performers! 
Beat Da Beat game is a unique alloy of classical bullet-hell genre with the dynamics of rhythm games. All that goes on on the screen, such as moving, acting and shooting, is based on music compositions.
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Brief Introduction for Beat da Beat Game
Beat da Beat game, a music album and a complete scroll-shooter at the same time, which works excellently combined and makes a very rare phenomenon happen in the mobile game marketing So you can try to play [Read more]
Best Beat Da Beat Review and Tips Here for You
Do you like to play music mobile games? If yes, you can’t miss Beat Da Beat, which is a shmup that tasks you with gunning down pixelated foes in space while avoiding their rhythmically blasted shots [Read more]

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