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In  BeatNiks game, Create and adopt your own BeatNik, the first pet made from the music you love. Feed it, dress it, clean it, tickle it, play with it, and make it grow into an adorable monster!
Pick from a wide selection of music-inspired clothes and accessories to make it your very own unique friend. Play mini-games with it and keep your BeatNik happy. Your BeatNik loves your music, make sure you love it back!
• CREATE YOUR OWN BEATNIK: Pick its color, shape, and personality to determine its musical DNA.
• TAKE CARE OF IT: Play with it, cook for it, feed it, clean it, poke it, tickle it, listen to what goes on in its head.
• EVOLVE IT: Help your BeatNik grow into an adorable adult monster with new body parts and cool clothes.
• DRESS IT UP: Personalize your monster with over a hundred clothes and accessories inspired by music: rock, pop, R&B/hip hop, dance, electronic, country, disco, and many more. Find the  best BeatNiks tips for iPhone here!
• DECORATE ITS HOME: Go from an empty room to smooth carpets, shiny furniture, grand pianos, and trumpet lamps.
• PLAY MINI-GAMES: Catch hot dogs, challenge your brain with a memory challenge, or flex your fingers with a musical mini-game. 
• MAKE IT DANCE! Listen to your own music while playing to get an extra boost and unlock cool outfits for your BeatNik based on what you listen to. Check out the BeatNiks gameplay for free!

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