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Turtle Fly - Into Space

New Stage added: Stage 3 - Ring Battle2 million downloads for Turtle Fly! 2 million people addicted to Turtle Fly can't be wrong!Once upon a time, Dr. Winston was researching new power on a turtle, genetically modify it to make it fly and controllable. If the research succeed, then this technology can be applied to human. Dr. Winston believes one day every human can fly. You're a turtle who can fly. Not with wings, but cola-powered jet-boosters attached to the turtle. The aim of the game is to progress your way through each day, and the only way to do so is completing achievements prior to the current day. These will range from reaching a certain height, collecting diamonds or hitting that top-speed your turtle can achieve.Don't be fooled by how easy they sound - the blimps will try to get it in your way and diamonds will lure you towards them! "If turtle can fly, so does human!"Featuring:- 2 stages with 15 levels- 8 stories- 7 characters- Each character has different ability- Draw/Import your own head- Control by touch or by tilt- Game Center leaderboard- Game Center achivementsYouTube video preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fGmmvwuY-s

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