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So you think you are good at Solitaire? Prove it with Nerts! Nerts is the action-packed card game that lets you compete against virtual opponents for the ace piles in a race to get rid of your cards and gain the most points. As you get faster, increase the skill level and number of opponents to intensify the challenge!Carefully designed by a life-long Nerts fan, it features all the essentials, such as:- Beautiful graphics and animations- Optimized for small screen play- Opponent peeking- "Lefty mode"- Up to three opponents- Three levels of difficultyWatch out, this game may be addicting!Full version features:Multi-player using Bluetooth with up to 4 other people. Four harder computer levels.Play with up to 5 computer players.Multi-round scoring.To get the full version, download the free app and then within the app upgrade to the full version.

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