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Battle Decks

From legendary developer Codemasters, creators of Operation Flashpoint, DiRT, Overlord, and more, Battle Decks  game is a totally unique game of strategic card warfare. Build your deck from advanced and near-future style unit cards and go head-to-head with real opponents in PvP conflicts.
Battle Decks Features:
• CARD BATTLING EVOLVED - Don’t just play your cards, create powerful strategies by moving your units around a 3D battlefield!
• ONLINE PVP WARFARE - Battle against other players around the world in exciting matches!
• INSTANTLY ACCESSIBLE - Card battling for newcomers and veterans alike
• COLLECT AND CONQUER - Over 1,000 cards to collect! Build and refine your own deck to suit your play-style
• UNIQUE CARD WARFARE - Maneuver your units around a 3D battlefield for unmatched tactical depth
• NEXT GEN VISUALS – Each unit fully rendered in 3D, the most visually advanced card battling game there is!

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