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Battle by Ships ~ PirateFleet

Did you love playing BATTLESHIP® as a child? You will love playing PirateFleet with your friends. Get started and battle against your friends, it's a multiplayer, turn based game. Like Words with Friends.#1 IPHONE APP in Brazil, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Mexico, Argentina, France, Belgium and many more countries________________________________________ PRAISE FOR PIRATEFLEET: "The resulting iPhone and iPod touch app — PirateFleet — is more hit than miss, though you may find yourself wondering just how well this kind of game adapts to the asynchronous format." - Macworld“Simple an' addictive, like th' kid's battleship game an' me grandpappy's rum!” – Gamezebo.com "The game with wonderful graphics and sound enable you to have delightful gaming experience with your friends!" - Apple iPhone Blog "There isn’t much to say about this game other than the fact that it’s great.." - freshapps "The simple concept is really engaging and brings in a lot of excitement when you play it with your friends." - iPhoneFootPrint ________________________________________ Some say it may be not but a child's play game, but I assure you it ain't! Take to the high seas and fight your fellow pirates, known or unknown and because the matches is turn-based sail your gut-bellied fleet at whatever pace you please! ________________________________________ ADDICTIVCE FEATURES:  • Simple an‘ addictive, like the kid's battleship game and me grandpappy's rum! • It's online, so you can play with people who sail seas all over the world! • For those slower pirates, fear not; it‘s turn based! • Fight as many pirates at a time as you please! (only 15 in the free version) • Chat with pirates all over the world! • It's easy to invite all your mates to fight with you! • Compare your scores with your mates! • Retina graphics! • We 'ave fancy push notifications to tell you when it‘s your turn to fire! • Resign running fights • We have just real humans battling you! ________________________________________   Already a fan of the game? Ifn' you don't want to walk the plank, you better like us on Facebook!: http://www.facebook.com/piratefleet All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. BATTLESHIP® and BATTLESHIPS are registered trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. Pirate Fleet for Friends is not made, sponsored, or licensed by Hasbro, Inc. and UnitedToy is not affiliated with Hasbro, Inc.

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