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SUDOKU with UNLIMITED grids at ANY TIME:- UNLIMITED: MILLIONS of grids.- ANY TIME: on or offline.- CHALLENGING: 6 difficulty levels ranging from "easy" to "diabolical."SUDOKU with NO DISTRACTIONS:- FAST: no lengthy intros or slow animations.- FRIENDLY: big buttons avoid fat-fingering.- NON-INTRUSIVE: plays your iPOD MUSIC and nothing else.SUDOKU on ALL your DEVICES:- UNIVERSAL: iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.- RETINA: native resolution on all screens.- 32/64-bit HYBRID support.SUDOKU with all the NUTS and BOLTS:- UNDO / REDO.- 10 CONCURRENT GRIDS.- AUTOMATIC and MANUAL NOTES.- CONFLICT and ERROR HIGHLIGHTING.- CUSTOMIZABLE input and display settings.Enjoy,The friendly team at mindthefrog :)

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