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Chill out! Zombies

You are a bird with a zombie attached to your legs in Chill out! Zombies game!
Don't let the zombie eat you!
Smash the zombie into obstacles nearby to make him unconscious and keep his anger meter as low as possible.
Key Features:
- Simple one button gameplay that anyone can enjoy
- Combo scoring system
- Fully support Game Center to compete your scores with your friends
- More than 40+ costumes to be unlocked
- Easy gameplay recording and sharing options
- Unique hourly objectives that brings a fresh experience

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Why not try Chill out! Zombies game? It is game where you play as a bird who drags around an unconscious zombie tied to a string Your mission is to bash the zombie against all sorts of objects, ranging from boxes to spiked balls, for as long as possible, [Read more]

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