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Scribblenauts Unlimited

Welcome to an adventure Scribblenauts Unlimited Gameplay into a wide-open world, where the most powerful tool is still your imagination. Help Maxwell solve robust puzzles across dozens of seamless, free-roaming levels by summoning any object you can think of. Or you can apply adjectives to existing objects and magically transform their properties! Then learn the back-story about Maxwell's parents, 41 siblings (including his twin sister Lily), and how he got his magical notepad.
• All-New Unbound World: Explore an open universe with unlimited hours of fun using every level as your playground. 
• Object Library: Store previously summoned objects and your own creations in Maxwell's Magic Backpack for easy access and future use. 
• Mobile optimized controls: Pinch-to-zoom and two-finger pan around enormous playgrounds.  Interact and modify any object on screen.
• Exclusive, new characters: Enjoy a time mashup with Hipster Lincoln or Robo-Einstein, become a Corporate Werewolf, or rule from above as Queen of the Skies!

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