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Slide the Shakes

You have so many delicious milkshakes in Slide the Shakes for iphone! Slide them along the bar, but don't let them fall!
In Slide the Shakes reviews, you need to know
- Over 100 sweet levels
- Stunning shakes to unlock
- Delicious recipes
- Interesting milkshake facts
- Shakes are awesome

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Follow Slide the Shakes Tips to Better Your Performance
Slide the Shakes is an arcade game which requires sharp reflection and quick action Slide a series of delicious milkshakes across a countertop until they reach a designated safe zone You will encounter a lot of traps and obstacles in your way [Read more]
Do You Know These Top These Slide and Shakes Tips?
The new app game Slide and Shakes for iPhone is simple, fun and addictive In this game, what you need to know is Slide them to a point on the table but not use too much power and send them flying! It seems easy, but difficult to mater [Read more]
Top Guides and Strategy for Slide the Shakes Game
The famous Land Sliders game developer Prettygreat release a new app game named Slide the Shakes Your task is to slide a shake down the table, to the green spot Remember avoid sliding off the table Or you have to start the level over again [Read more]

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