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Skylanders SuperChargers

Get the full Skylanders SuperChargers game console video game experience on your iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®. Now you can Bring the Skylanders to Life® as well as Fly, Drive and Dive through Skylands. Experience the ultimate adventure for FREE with TWO Digital Skylanders SuperChargers: Instant Spitfire and Instant Hot Streak. Then continue your adventure by buying the STARTER PACK or purchase the full story adventure digitally through In-App Purchase. 
• Embark on an All New Wild Adventure
• Fly, Drive and Dive Through Skylands with 3 Different Vehicle Types: Land, Sea & Sky 
• Ride Fast & Fully Armed in the New Skylanders Vehicles
• Use SuperChargers to Modify Vehicle Parts to Boost Powers and Performance
• Play with Friends in the NEW Online Multiplayer Race and Co-Op Modes
• Challenge Yourself with Fun Mini Games 

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