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Raid HQ

Collect and upgrade dozens of troop cards, build your squad and lead them to victory in an all new type of shoot-em-up in Raid HQ game! Build and customize your island to fend off enemy raids, forge an unstoppable clan and battle to win Trophies, power and glory. The enemy HQ is in your sights. Get free mobile game download of Raid HQ ios at appgamenews.com. 
● Build and upgrade your collection of amazing squad cards, each with their own unique weapons and abilities
● Develop your island into an unbeatable fortress
● Shoot-up enemy bases to unlock rewards, collect powerful squad cards and upgrade existing ones
● Construct the ultimate raiding deck to defeat any opponen
● Raid other players worldwide to steal their trophies and treasure
● Defend your island with turrets, tanks, choppers and massive mechs
● Explore a huge archipelago to capture resources and new squad cards
● Create a Clan to share troops, chat and build your very own community
● Progress through the leagues and leader-boards to become number one
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