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Tricks and Tips for Marvel Contest of Champions Game Update

Published: 2015-07-15 10:08:52 | Clicks:103 | Author:

If you are a crazy fan of superheroes in American movies, then this Marvel Contest of Champions game is worth your trying. You can select your own characters to fight against you opponents in the different modes including story mode, versus modes and special events and so on. Will you become the champions in the game? Now, we would like to recommend you read the tips and hints for Marvel contest of Champions!
How to Get more Battle Chips?. First, win versus matches and get Versus crystals, open those crystals and you get the chance of getting Battle Chips, with those battle chips, buy an Arena Crystal. More guides for mobile strategy games will be updated at our website!
Champions can activate Synergy bonuses by teaming up with the right teammates or rivals, each champion has the synergy bonus details in their info card.
When you run out of quest energy, you can use Energy Refills (drop as boss rewards or special rewards or can purchased with unit currency) to refill the energy meter and keep fighting.
Make your champions more powerful by upgrading them with ISO-8 (there’s basic and class ISO-8).
Bleed damage ignores resistances and armor.
You can use a heavy attack to break your opponent’s block.
If you explore all of the tiles in a quest, you will earn mastery rewards.
Once your champion/unit has been knocked out, you can get them fighting again with a revive potion (green orb). These drops as rewards for defeating stage bosses or as special rewards in regular fights.
Some champions have the ability to regenerate their health during a fight (e.g. Wolverine). More Marvel Contest of Champions cheats can be found at our website!
Make sure to collect/claim stuff from the stash queue, and remember that your inventory has a limit.
Your inventory limit increases when you level up.
Some champion attacks can stun their opponents, rendering unable to attack or block.
Class ISO-8 is more effective when used on a champion of the same class.
There are no worst or best champions, only bad or good players.
Some stats, like critical rate, only improve their stats when ranking up.
In story mode, your champion’s health persists between fights, you can use a health potion to refill the health meter.
If you want to know more about Marvel Contest of Champions strategy, please stay tuned here! We are specialized in offering you free mobile game download, tips and and guides for hot mobile app games. Hope you have fun with this game!