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Sonic Dash Cheats: Tips for Getting Red Star Rings

Published: 2015-06-03 10:33:00 | Clicks:95 | Author:

If you have played the running top free strategy games like Temple Run, Despicable Me:Minion Rush, Subway Surfers, Crossy Road, etc, you will be familiar with the Sonic Dash. In this game, sonic is running for rings through dodging obstacles, and fighting bosses. The Red Star Rings can be acquired in the road as well as used purchase certain items and achievements of some quests. We are here to provide you some Sonic Dash for how to get more the Red Star Rings.
- Opening the game. Tap the Sonic Dash icon on your mobile device to open the game. Once the game is open, tap the play button.
- Daily login .As with the majority of games, you get a bonus for each successive day that you log in. Red Star Rings can be gained this way.
- Mission achievements. There are a variety of missions you must complete during your runs in Sonic Dash. Sometimes, Red Star Rings are a reward for completion of these mission goals.
- Running. During Sonic Dash game, maneuver Sonic through the obstacles while collecting rings. Periodically, Red Star Rings will be on the course. Maneuver Sonic to acquire these Red Star Rings when they appear.
- Hacks. There are hacks or cheats that you can download in order to get massive amounts of Red Star Rings. Take caution should you choose this option as you take a potential risk in also downloading a virus or malware.We don't recommend this option.
Want more tips and tricks for Sonic Dash? Keep close here! We will keep updating here for more practical and effective strategy guides. You can also get Sonic Dash download for free! By the way, there are various categories of mobile video games also worth your attention! Don’t miss them!