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Marvel Contest of Champions for Actual Fighting Strategy

Published: 2015-07-15 15:22:59 | Clicks:24 | Author:

One of the hottest mobile strategy games for iOS and Android platforms, Marvel Contest of Champions has been favored by many players. When you are looking for practical attacking strategy for Marvel Contest of Champions game, you can read carefully this article and get some suggestions for best games in the app store.
- Attack first. It’s always better to attack first. By attacking first, you have better shot at lowering enemy HP. If the enemy’s blocking, then you get a few free shots that lower enemy HP. If you do get hit after attacking, then you gain your special meter much faster at the cost of losing HP. Either way, it is better to be on the offensive in the game.
- Finish Your Combos. After you get your initial hit, always follow up with the full attacking sequence. It means that you do not switch to “defense” or “block” in the middle. In general, you will almost never lose by finishing those attacks. If the enemy is blocking, you get the full sequence, if they switch in the middle, they are more often than not to lose to your attack. More Marvel Contest of Champions cheats can be found at our website!
- Time Your Specials. Your specials are the main methods of dishing out damage against the enemy. Make sure you land those specials clean, meaning that find the best timing to unleash the special without being blocked. In general, some of the good timing include after you finish your combo, or in the middle of enemy combo.
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