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Learn This Cheat to Help You Pass Candy Crush Saga Level 33 Easily

Published: 2015-05-21 14:45:41 | Clicks:56 | Author:

Candy Crush is one of the most popular mobile strategy games now. And to most candy crush players, level 33 is a huge jelly challenge. In this level, you will need to clear 16 jelly squares within 17 moves–a not-insignificant task to begin with, and one that becomes most distressing when the jellies are double-layered and spread out among four separate grids. Here we will give you some cheats to help you pass this level easily.
Although cascades are less likely to occur than normal, you should still start with any jelly-removing matches at the bottom to maximize the potential of each move.
There are very few moves in this level so try not to make any swipes that knock out less than 2 jellies at once.
Special candies are absolutely essential for success with this level. If you form a striped candy, focus on the directions. The direction of the stripes on the candy will tell you what way it will clear the board. Don’t waste a valuable candy on a bad move! Luckily, all striped candies have the potential to hit four jellies at once.
Bombs are less useful than striped candies, but when detonated on the bottom, they can increase your chance of triggering a cascade.
Form a striped candy and a wrapped candy and combine them—the special combo can clear jelly in two other squares!
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