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Dumb ways to die 2 game: Another Detailed Walk Through

Published: 2015-01-15 14:21:37 | Clicks:10 | Author:

I think it is unnecessary to introduce Dumb ways to die 2 game again, one reason is that it’s a game released 3 months ago, the other is that I have played it many times, and yes you can see my strategies in previous articles. It seems Metro made very efforts on mobile game marketing, especially the famous brain wash song in same name, and I will write another walk through on it, so keep reading if you like, or you could try some mobile strategy games!
This time Chapter One Continue: Drown Town
Lv7 Depth Charge Free Diving: Make use of your devices’ gravity sensitivity to control the orange skinned bro avoid bumping water bombs.
Lv8 100m Piranha Freestyle: Tap the dumb ass as fast as you can, so he will make it to land.
Chapter two: Dumb Dome
Lv1 Javelin Catch: When stay put, there will be a shadow on the ground, try to don’t stay in the shadow, and don’t get killed by flying Javelins.
Lv2 Shoelace Tie: Try to draw a line as the given imaginary line, and make a tie as fast as you can! 
It seems the game is not so grown-up but it is funny and cute, we offer free mobile game download on our website!