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Bigfoot Hunter Cheats: How to Complete More Levels ( I )

Published: 2015-11-17 14:20:45 | Clicks:15 | Author:

Bigfoot Hunter game: A Camera Adventure Game allows you to travel to different locations to snap as many animals as possible. These may include your favorite wild animals such as bears and deer, but may also include Sasquatch and other mythical creatures, which is that you have never seen in any other mobile strategy games. And as you snap more photos of these animals and monsters and complete more levels, you’ll earn more coins.

We’re going to leave it at that short and sweet description, so let’s kick off where we last left off and continue giving you some more Bigfoot Hunter reviews, guides and tips.
Know Your Power-Ups. Bigfoot Hunter includes three power-ups, thankfully keeping it simple enough, even for first-time players. But the catch here is that you can only equip one at a time. You’ll also need to unlock them as you go along, so take note of these power-up descriptions once you’ve got all of them.

Camera Bomb. As the bigfoot hunter video, this power-up catches all that’s on your screen, eliminating the need to have animals inside your camera’s reticle to count as part of the photo. In other words, all animals visible on your screen will be snapped if you use Camera Bomb. This power-up is best used in many situations, such as if you’ve got animals running or hopping all over the place, or if you’re trying to shoot animals who like to take cover. Use your radar in conjunction with this power-up for best results.

Rapid Fire. This is similar to the burst feature on many phones’ cameras, as using this power-up allows you to take photos in quick succession. There are no reloads here, so this power-up is great to use if you want to capture a photo without any reloads. Still, pay attention to the blue bar on the top left part of your screen, as you’ll have to tap on it so you can reuse the power-up when it runs out.

Stun. Lastly, Stun freezes creatures for a couple of seconds, thus making it easier for you to snap them for a successful capture. Stun works great against quick animals, such as the aforementioned Sasquatch, or any time that you’re dealing with multiple animals darting around the screen. It takes great timing to pull off a successful Stun, but if you use it correctly, this is a great way to help you bag a combo bonus.

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