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Why Not Use Empires & Allies Cheats to Win

Published: 2015-07-22 17:11:17 | Clicks:42 | Author:

Why are there so many people prefer strategy mobile games? App games are not only perfect for entertainment when people want to kill time, but also for practicing logical thoughts. Empires & Allies, is one of the most popular strategic games for ios and android platforms. In this game, you are tasked with building empires, join Allies and attacking. How can you make these thing easier? Here we would like to introduce you some methods for gold, the currency in Empires & Allies game.
Here, the Dome can house a Sentry Gun, Laser or Aerial Defense
And, the Rally Flag can eventually set patrols for six different unit types.
When starting to attack the enemies, you will play a much more active role in how and what your forces attack in this game. Always see the strengths and weaknesses of your units vs. the defenses of the enemy`s base you are attacking and your plan and timing are the main key here. 
You will also need The Troop Tarmac to produce any of the units, and you will want to have the maximum amount for your level built at all times
In line with this, you can field a variety of units when you launch attacks. You can easily download apps games and find some practical cheats here!
Also, be sure to upgrade a Troop tarmac to hold more of any given unit at one time.
Gold is the premium currency of this game that you can get for free every time you have go your victory when battling with enemies
With this gold, you can rush all your troop production at a Troop tarmac
Also, you can use gold to speed up upgrading process of your buildings and purchase an additional engineer for 750 gold. Please keep close here for best iphone games strategy!
Upgrading your base to level 4 will gain the ability to start placing troops one at a time instead of as entire squads.
When being in this level, you can start attacking bases for the first time, as you will have a chance to test tactics without committing a whole squad at a time. Feel free to get Empires and Allies download and start your challenge now!
To switch between squad and single unit deployment, tap on your base and then tap on the helicopter icon appearing on the menu at the bottom of the screen.
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