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Why Not Try to Play Fallout Shelter with These Tips

Published: 2015-07-21 17:55:50 | Clicks:21 | Author:

Fallout Shelter definitely will be a good choice for you if you like the simulation games. This game become really popular in mobile game marketing nowadays. You can check and make download of this game via our website. And we also provide other interesting mobile games besides this one, such as the fist of fury, can you escape 3 and Jenga ect. You can have a try with them here!
The fallout shelter tips we would like to introduce for today will include:
The right dweller for the job
As mentioned above, each dweller has stats that correspond to the different rooms of the vault, and aligning the best worker with the right room not only adds to overall happiness, it makes your production more efficient. Upgrading production rooms increases their output as well as their storage capacity, meaning you can make and hang on to more resources. You’ll also want to plan ahead so that you can expand production rooms by placing them next to each other, though they’ll only combine if they’re the same level. Expanded production rooms allow for more workers, which speeds up production. 
You can check a dweller’s stats to see what room they’re best suited for, or simply drag them to the room in question to see what number they’ll add to its overall production rating. If you see a plus or minus next to the number, that means the dweller under your finger will swap out for one already in the room, thus raising or lowering the overall stat by the indicated amount.
We will keep updating more useful tips for playing fallout shelter game. Wish these information will be useful for you. By the way, other top free strategy games still are available here. Check to challenge yourself. Have a nice day!