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What You Should Know Before Playing Farming Simulator 16?

Published: 2015-08-12 14:37:00 | Clicks:193 | Author:

Farming Simulator 16 is a new ios game which is highly recommended by many players. It offers you unique experience of farming by heavy machinery. It is similar with other latest app store games, players can hardly figure out some easy tips and tricks for better farming. Here, we suggest to read the Farming Simulator 16 guides below and start your game wisely!
- Sell all your starter grains. Every time you begin a new game you’ll start with 5’000 Wheat, Canola, Corn, Sugarbeet, and Potato. Sell all of it for quite a bit more starting cash.
- Only sow wheat and canola to start. When you have a sowing machine attached to your tractor you can tap on the seed button (it’s the one highlighted in blue) to switch seeds. Stick with wheat and canola for a while, because harvesting everything else requires tools you won’t have yet.
- Buy a second tractor before you buy anything else. If you harvest your first field and sell off as much of your starting grains as you can, you should have more than enough to buy yourself a second tractor. Definitely do that, because having a second machine around to cultivate, sow, and haul will be extremely useful. Farming Simulator 16 gameplay for free is available at site!
We hope these strategy for Farming Simulator 16 are helpful to you! Besides, we are offering you various categories of strategy app games for ios and Android platforms. We hope you can enjoy it with game cheats free!