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What Super Mario Run Game Learned from Pokémon Go

Published: 2016-09-23 15:51:11 | Clicks:54 | Author:

Weekend is coming! Have you guys decided what to do for these two days? If you still do not have any schedule yet, Super Mario Run game definitely will be the best choice for you then! Feel free to check and make download via our website, except for this one we also got other hot mobile app games such as One More Jump game ect. What you can get in this post will be related to Super Mario Run.
What Super Mario Run ios can learn from the popular Pokémon Go:
Keep The Barrier To Entry Low: A huge part of the reason “Pokémon Go” mania took over the world so fast is because the base app was free. With “Super Mario Run,” however, Nintendo has elected to take a different approach. Instead, there will be a “free to start” demo followed by a one-time fee to play the whole experience.
In order to be a success, “Super Mario Run’s” demo must be meaty and its base cost no more than a few dollars. In other words, its free levels should sample some of the app’s best mechanics, and it shouldn’t cost $15 to enjoy the rest. What made “Pokémon Go” stick was that it could be an instant, impulse download. The same can be true of “Super Mario Run” if it’s fun and under $5.
Provide Steady Updates: In terms of keeping people interested, “Pokémon Go” has actually been managed fairly well. Since release, there’s been a steady stream of updates that add features that change the game in small but significant ways. The Buddy System that’s taking the Internet by storm right now is a good example of this.
For something like “Super Mario Run,” the main way to keep people engaged is to add more courses that bring increased value to that one-time fee. Leverage holidays, anniversaries and other Nintendo game releases to introduce themed levels or level packs. While it shouldn’t be done immediately, Nintendo could even start charging for courses once players feel good about what’s being offered. Free or not, updates bring people back.
Be Transparent: As huge as “Pokémon Go” is, one of its biggest missteps is a lack of transparency in the face of issues. In the past, when features were removed, bugs persisted or players were banned, it was nearly impossible to get support from anyone. That silence is sort of par for the course with a smaller team like Niantic, but it’d be doubly offensive for Nintendo.
If there are any lingering problems with “Super Mario Run” after its release, there needs to be a swift and obsessively loud response to it. If players don’t feel heard, they’ll go back to playing the millions of other games that kept them occupied long before Nintendo showed up.
We will keep updating more Super Mario Run gameplay for you via our site. And you can also try other mobile video games here. Hope you can have a nice weekend!