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What Should You Know Before Playing Chromatic Souls Game?

Published: 2015-11-23 16:03:05 | Clicks:302 | Author:

As we all know, Chromatic Souls is free for iOS and Android. With the new game coming in mobile game marketing, how do you think about it? And is it attractive? If you have a crush on this game and want to play it smoothly, you should know more before playing. Here we will share with you some information about Chromatic Souls game.

The game features over 75 stages at launch, and between these stages, gamers can equip their heroes with new weapons or armor pieces. Players can upgrade these items, or their characters’ skills, over time. In addition to the game’s main stages, Chromatic Souls features over 100 dungeons of varying difficulty. When players aren’t in a dungeon, they can send their characters on quests to earn experience points, gold (the game’s free currency) and equipment. In addition to the game’s single-player content, users can work with other players in real-time boss raids.

As you might expect from any RPG, it starts out with a bit of backstory to get you up to speed on what’s happening in the game from the point you start playing. Not all RPG games are like this, of course, but it’s a nice touch to get you feeling more immersed.

As this follows a turn-based style of gameplay, you and your enemies will take turns unleashing attacks and defensive abilities in attempts to win the battle. Eventually, you’ll be able to dictate the moves used as you see fit, but to kick things off you’re run through a tutorial to get you familiar with the play style and how to interact with the interface, as well as which buttons do what.

Chromatic Souls ios has a decent level of complexity when it comes to content, but not so complex that it will be difficult to understand. There are also little touches of attention to detail that make the experience more enjoyable, like animated avatars for your characters that move when it’s their turn. In addition to single player content, Chromatic Souls lets you link up with other players online for massive boss fights against raid monsters, something which might suit those who enjoy MMO games and are used to raids and dungeons which require more than a handful of players to take down more difficult bosses for a big reward.

Gameplay is pretty simple, and the game also offers up some good graphics and special effects that make things more visually pleasing. Chromatic Souls is free, and you can pick it from the appgamenews now if you want to give it a try. We would like to share with you Chromatic Souls guide and more other mobile video games cheats.