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Useful iSlash Heroes Cheats Provided for You

Published: 2016-02-24 16:15:59 | Clicks:5 | Author:

We have provided a brief introduction for iSlash Heroes game, have you tried to make free download of this game via this game? Hope you can get some amazing time with this game. Except for this game, we also offer the hottest mobile games in mobile game marketing, such as the popular Kendall and Kylie game. Now we would like to share some useful cheats to play iSlash Heroes here.
The information provided below will be related to iSlash Heroes ios:
.The more cuts that you do in this game, the less points that you earn, and the less cuts that you do, the more points that you accumulate. There is no time limit, though, at least for almost every level in this game. So wait as long as you need to in order for the ninja stars to get to the right place so that you can slice off a big chunk of wood.
.Sometimes, when you do a slice, a golden statue will go flying off. Pick this up and time will slow down for about ten seconds, making it much easier to slice a good cut of wood. This is one of the many boosts that you can use in this game, although it is the only free one.
.The other ones can be purchased with gold coins, but you get free ones when you first unlock them. For example, the shield boost will make it so that your next errant slice that hits a ninja star won’t kill you. And the thundercloud will knock out one of the armored edges that you normally cannot cut through.
We really hope these iSlash Heroes cheats will be useful to play it better, and also we are going to update more for you. By the way, other interesting mobile video games also are available here. Have a nice day with them!