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Useful Skylanders SuperChargers Cheats Provided for You

Published: 2015-11-16 17:20:37 | Clicks:7 | Author:

Skylanders SuperChargers game addicted many players in different ages with the great game settings and designs. Have you tried to play this game? If not, our website will be a great choice for you to have a try and make download. What’s more, we also provide other mobile strategy games except for this one, such as Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey game and 11 Circle game ect. Hope you can enjoy some great time with it.
Now we will update some cheats for Skylanders SuperChargers ios chapter 1. The information will be provided as below:
Once the opening cutscene is over, the game will prompt you to place a land vehicle on the Portal of Power. Do so and as long as you have a Skylander on there too, you'll find yourself in a blue vortex. Simply drive to the far end collecting Gearbits as you go. If you drift, the Gearbits will turn gold and momentarily increase in value. Pick up as many as you can as they're used to upgrade your vehicle's weapon power and shield strength.
Run up the path and take the first right. Jump on the bounce pad with the green arrow to get on top of the cages where you'll find some treasure and a Spin Chest.
We will keep on updating more Skylanders SuperChargers gameplay and walkthrough for you via our website. By the way, we also provide other free games to play, remember to check and get them. Have a nice day!