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Useful Battlehand Tips Shared with You

Published: 2016-01-13 16:02:43 | Clicks:31 | Author:

Our professional site focus on providing the hottest mobile games in mobile game marketing and updates the useful tips and tricks for players. Currently Battlehand game and Surfingers game ect. Now we would like to share some new tips for playing Battlehand here. If you want to have a try with more other game, our website definitely will be a great choice then!
How to build the perfect deck in BattleHand ios.
Each hero has specific cards they can equip, so you will have a ton of cards eventually, but only some of them available to a specific hero. This makes it a bit easier for you to build perfect decks in BattleHand, even though it means that you might have to leave some good ones behind since you can’t equip Bree’s cards to Monty, for example. But how to build the perfect hand?
It’s pretty easy, I’d say: balance is the key at first! Don’t rush to bring all your super high damage (but slow) cards into the deck! You sometimes need fast cards for those moments when an enemy has just a bit of health left or whatever other reasons. Also, always have one shield and one healing card in your deck, as these are vital. You could try to have just one of your characters act as healer/support, but that’s a bit too complicated. Personally, I think that one of each for each of your heroes is enough, combined with high damage/effect cards and quick ones.
There are also element cards that you can equip, each hero belonging to an element. Since elements are strong against other elements (but weak against another element), it makes sense to have about half or half + 1 element cards for the bonus effect. But always have some neutral cards on you for when facing elements you are weak against. Also, a perfect deck is a deck with upgraded cards, so do it as we suggest you do it at tip #4!
Feel free to share your ideas and Battlehand gameplay with us. And we also provide other top free strategy games via our website. Feel free to check and get the one you like!