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Ultimate Guides for Marvel Contest of Champions Game

Published: 2015-07-16 16:49:32 | Clicks:114 | Author:

Welcome to best site for mobile strategy games! Today we will continue to give you some suggestions for how to play Marvel Contest of Champions better. No matter which super hero your character is, the secret to winning is quite essential for you. Here we are offering you some practical tips for this Marvel Contest of Champions game. Read on!
- Know Your Hero’s Specials. Different heroes have different styles of combo. Some specials are ranged hits, 1 hit close ranged, or a series of hits. If you use the specials incorrectly, you can very likely hit air and just waste those specials. So know what you are using before using them to get the most effect.
The same applies to enemy’s special as well. When they are fully charged, expect them to use the specials on you. This means keeping an eye out. It can be hard to dodge or block those specials, but if you have quick eye and finger, you can potentially pull it off from time to time.
- Use Your Specials Often. When a fight is over, you lose all the special meters, so it means that whenever you can. Use those specials to finish enemies quicker, rather than drag out the batter with normal shots. You would rather use more special to conserve your HP. More Marvel Contest of Champions cheats will be updated at our website, so keep close!
- Charge for Hard Attack after Distance. If the enemy AI has a good distance between you and him. Always “Charge” for the heavy attack, wait for them to start dashing towards you. If you time it right, your heavy hit blow them back at the corner. you can kill them without ever losing 1 single HP, in addition, you gain more special meter with charged attack as well in Marvel Contest of Champions.
Hope these tips are helpful to you! By the way, if you play well in such kinds of top free strategy games, you can share with us! You able to find some ios gaming news, apps games download, hot games cheats and free game videos here! A perfect place for app games lovers!