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Try Bike Unchained game tips and tricks strategy guide with challenges

Published: 2015-10-27 17:10:26 | Clicks:97 | Author:

Bike Unchained game is a timing based biking game that’ll have you tricking and blazing your way free mobile game download awesome mountains. Build a team full of bikers with different stats, customize your bikes and make ’em stand out from the crowd. Bike Unchained is going to test your timing, so let’s get started with our Bike Unchained cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!
You know how at the start of a race you have to tap the flow button repeatedly to start your momentum? You can also do this when you face an incline! Instead of just waiting for your biker to pass up the hill, you can tap the flow button to have them pedal faster. You’ll get up the incline much faster than you would if you just waited, so try it out!
Bike Unchained in free to install and currently has a 4.3 rating in the Play Store. The new game is a bike ride through various locations. It offers a wide variety of scenes and modes with the addition of letting users create their own crew. The object of the game is to reach the podium by gaining points and winning races in the various terrains that stand in your way. These include the mountains of Whistler, the desert in Japan, the Alps and many more.
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