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Top Free Rust Bucket Cheats You Should Know

Published: 2015-12-30 16:07:35 | Clicks:12 | Author:

Do you like to play mobile games? Do you want to be the game master? If so, appgamenews can help you. We are a professional site for mobile game cheats. In addition, our site also offer you the latest mobile game reviews that can help you know more details. For example, you can get the latest Rust Bucket review here. By the way, there are many other top free strategy games on our site. 
You can notice that your score will be based on how many of golden doors you've passed. This works with endless dungeon crawling mode wherein the best way for you to earn lots points. Although in this game, you can choose any door that you wish and make your own path, you must consider that there are some doors contain tougher obstacles inside than other and it would be challenging for you to past them while the main way for you to gather points is to pass as many golden doors as you can. 
One of the trickiest monsters to deal with early on is the gray lumbering statue, as you can't walk into these to attack them. Instead, you have to lure them towards bombs then activate them to blow them up. A cautious approach is everything here, as one wrong move can kill you and undo all your previous hard work. Besides that, you should avoid the X tile. This is actually the next tile that the enemy is going to move to and in case that you move to it, you will die. You should find another tile to move to instead of stepping on that tile.
Keep these Rust Bucket cheats in mind and you can play well in Rust Bucket. Our site will constantly share many others top free cheats for mobile games with you. In addition, best strategy mobile games are also available here. You can get free mobile game download. Just come on and have a try, guy!