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Top Free Raid HQ Cheats You Should Know

Published: 2016-05-25 17:05:36 | Clicks:20 | Author:

Have you played or heard Raid HQ? It is one of the most popular action games in mobile game marketing. If you haven't played this amazing game, you can get Raid HQ ios free download at appgamenews.com. Besides that, here are some top free cheats for mobile games that can help you play game better. 
You should know how to choose the best attack route in Raid HQ game. Usually, the one that gives you the most resources can be considered the best route, but you should also take into account the colors of the buildings you'll be facing. If you’re trying to collect medals for a blue Hero upgrade, for example, it would only make sense to try and focus on the routes with the most blue buildings. Decide what your priority is in that particular moment and go for it. Remember, though, that resources are produced over time, while Medals for upgrades are difficult to earn and eventually you'll need a ton of them to upgrade your heroes to the higher levels. 
Besides that, you get a free chest (VIP Chest if you make at least a Gem purchase) every 3 hours and a Premium one every 24 hours. Make sure that you log in as often as possible in order to claim these chests, which are filled with cards that you will use to upgrade your heroes and turn your team into the best one there is.
And although not technically freebies, you should know that there are islands that offer you daily cards if you attack and win so you should definitely make sure to attack them and get as many cards as possible (thing the Daily Cards islands, Daily Color Cards island or Alcatraz). Try to get as many cards as possible because the more you have, the better you will do in the long run.
There is no doubt that you can play Raid HQ well if you can keep these Raid HQ cheats in mind. By the way, there are many others mobile strategy games on our site. They are all free to play. You can also get many top free apps games cheats on appgamenews. Anyway, hope you guys could constantly support our site.