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Top Free Guides of Trivial Pursuit Friends Game

Published: 2015-10-27 13:58:54 | Clicks:18 | Author:

Do you like to play puzzle games? If so, here is an interesting game you can not miss. That is TRIVIAL PURSUIT & Friends. It is the mobile version of Trivial Pursuit. You can get free mobile game download of trivial pursuit friends game at appgamenews.com. Besides that, our website can also offer you useful mobile phone game cheats that can help you play games well. 
You should choose the category when you play the game for the first time. Then you can answer the same three multiple-choice questions with another player. Each question is timed, but you can spend gems to add more time to the clock. Blitz mode splits games into tiers, with players unlocking higher tiers as they win matches in lower levels. 
As players complete games, they'll earn overall experience points for their profile, and will unlock additional gameplay modes as they hit levels three and five. Besides that, you can unlock “titles” for your profile if you can correctly answer numerous questions in the game's six main categories. You can also spend gems to customize their avatar.
Do you want to know how to be the game master of TRIVIAL PURSUIT & Friends? If so, you should pay close attention to appgamenews.com. You can get useful trivial pursuit friends cheats here. By the way, there are many others mobile strategy games on our site. They are all free to play.