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Top Free Guides of Agent A A Puzzle in Disguise Game

Published: 2015-11-03 10:16:34 | Clicks:24 | Author:

Attention please, guys. Free mobile game download of agent a a puzzle in disguise ios is available here. You can not miss this amazing game if you are a big fan of puzzle games. Your mission is to follow a woman named Ruby and track down her residence. Our site also offers you many top free game cheats that can help you play the game well.
You act as a spy in agent a a puzzle in disguise game. Does it sound amazing? You must will be addicted to this game if you played it once. You can get the gold key by moving the potted plant. Then you can unlock the panel to the left of the door with the gold key. Press the buttons in this order to unlock the door. You should try you best to finish your mission and can not be found at the same time. 
Ruby has been killing off your fellow agents and you need to put a stop to it. You can go inside the room after you unlocking the door. There's a vase on the table but it isn't a vase. In addition, you should flick the top up to reveal a button. Press it and a picture frame will move, revealing a secret control panel. 
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