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Top Free Empires & Allies Cheats: Combat

Published: 2015-07-16 16:14:55 | Clicks:9 | Author:

In previous articles, we have shared with you some top strategy guides for attacking and defense in Empires & Allies game. Today, some basic guides for combat are provided for you. If you are interested in winning most top free strategy games, keep close here for more updates about tips and tricks!
Empires and Allies battle is a simple and fun combat system involving a split screen combat approach with your team on the bottom half of the screen and the enemy on the top half of the screen. So as you kill or destroy the enemy your rewards will fall. Follow our Empires & Allies cheats and win the game smartly!
When you start your battle depending on the type you will have ground or battle field wars which has the two sides running toward each other with your team on the bottom half and the enemy on the top half, you mouse over the enemy troops, tank, or vehicle until it is outlined in red and then click on the enemy to fire and then collect the rewards.
There is also air and water combats which are the same as the ground combat, but other than of fighting people or tanks, you fight ships and planes. Once again mousing over the enemy clicking on them to fire until their health is zero and collect the rewards as they fall from the destroyed vehicle or troops. You can also get Empires and Allies download and begin your challenge now!
The winning secret is simple, the bigger weapons you have, the better you will do in battles against other empires.
Anyway, we hope this article is hopeful to you! Why not invite your friends to download Empires & Allies game now and have fun together! At this website, you are able to get some hints for best mobile app games and mobile video game reviews for free! So don’t miss any of your favorite games!