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Tips for Playing World of Tanks Blitz

Published: 2014-09-27 14:17:00 | Clicks:74 | Author: mobile strategy games


World of Tanks Blitz is one of the most popular games today. When you are playing mobile strategy games, some effective guides may help you do less for more. Below some tips for World of Tanks Blitz are offered.

First of all, when you start off you’ll have to get used to either losing often or staying in the background. However, this will make you earn credits and experience points, and free experience, which are used for tank upgrades and for purchasing new tanks. While you’re toiling through this period, practice your evasion skills. Sneak up on enemy tanks and shoot them in the back and sides to do maximum damage, as they are less heavily armored than the front.

Second, take cover, too, to obscure yourself from enemy sights. They will still see you due to sensors, but do not worry, because their shots typically won’t do as much damage. Either engaged with and kills one tank, or practice hit and run strategies, weakening enemy tanks gradually and letting your teammates do the killing. The second one works in your best interests because if they win, you win.

Third, light tanks are fast with very little armor. Medium tanks are medium speed, medium armor. Heavy tanks are slow with heavy armor, meaning that they can take a lot of hits. Tank destroyers aren’t particularly good except for their cannons – they do massive amounts of damage to other tanks. Experience is tank specific, but free experience can be applied to any tank. Both of these are earned out of normal battles, but if you want to earn free experience faster, go to the in app purchase store and you can spend 1 gold to convert 25 experience to 25 free experience. Plus, you can convert 1 gold to 250 credits if you want to purchase better tanks more quickly.

Last but not least, when you get killed, exit a battle early and then engage another tank in another battle. You’ll earn rewards when the battle ends, so don’t worry if you don’t see anything immediately. Instead, send in another tank and battle again while you are waiting for the rewards from the first battle to show up.