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Tips for Battlehand Game to Play This Game Better

Published: 2016-01-14 17:18:27 | Clicks:23 | Author:

What will you guys usually do if got some free time? Hanging out with friends or just stay at home by yourself? If you are finding some things to do for free time, mobile strategy games will be a great choice to make. Currently our website can provide Battlehand game, Surfingers game ect. You can check and make free mobile game download then. And we will update some tips and cheats for you to enjoy this game.
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How to win your battles
There are a few strategies you should combine in order to get the most from your battles. Your draw matters a lot, as well as the opponents you’re facing. So always look at who you’re facing and, if you have the option of choosing from multiple hero types, always try to go with the elements that are stronger against your opponents. That won’t be an option for a long time, so other tactics should be applied.
In order to win your battles in BattleHand, you should always start by focusing on defeating enemies one at a time: one dead enemy is better than three with reduced health, because that dead enemy will cause no damage to your heroes! Shield cards are also extremely important and I like to play them early in the game, usually after my first attack. With a good shield, you will rarely have to play the healing cards, which is an advantage. When attacking, try to choose the cards that will have you hit your opponent (and eventually take them out) before they strike first. If the opponents are preparing a healing move, it’s wiser to perform an attack after they heal as you usually have no idea who they’re going to heal in the first place – it’s not uncommon for an enemy to target a full health teammate to heal, therefore basically wasting their move if you attack them afterwards.
Hope these Battlehand gameplay will be useful for you. And we will keep updating more useful information for you. If you want to have a try with other mobile video games, feel free to check on our website!