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Tips Can Be Used for Playing Star Wars™: Uprising Game

Published: 2015-09-17 18:18:29 | Clicks:30 | Author:

We have provided a brief introduction for Star Wars™: Uprising game, have you tried to make download via our professional game site? Hope you can enjoy some good time with it. Currently we would like to share some game cheats free for playing the game. And if you want to play with other mobile games, Puzzle Craft 2 game and Wonky Ship game ect are available here. 
Some Star Wars™: Uprising cheats will be introduced as below:
Use your roll to get away when you’re in the enemy’s cross-hairs
Star Wars: Uprising gives you access to a pretty handy roll move that can send you tumbling away from danger when the going gets rough. Simply double-tap on a map area to go sailing away from your troubles — at least temporarily.
One downside to the roll move is that it takes time to recharge. In other words, you should use it carefully. A good time to use the roll move is when there’s a group of enemies with their weapons trained on you. Lower-level fire inflicts small amounts of damage, but charged attacks can be a real bear. Thankfully, you should receive visual indication that your enemy is drawing a bead on you. That’s your cue to roll away from the action and retaliate with your own fire.
Hope these tips will help play the game better. We will keep updating more tips and Star Wars™: Uprising review for you here. By the way, other top free strategy games always are available here. Come to challenge yourself!