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Tips And Tricks of StormBorn: War of Legends Game

Published: 2015-11-10 15:27:17 | Clicks:27 | Author:

We can notice that the mobile game industry develops rapidly in modern society. More and more like to play mobile games. There are various kinds of mobile games in mobile game marketing. Strategy game is one of the most popular games among players. Here is an amazing strategy game that you can’t miss. It is StormBorn: War of Legends game. You can get some top free stormborn war of legends cheats from the following parts. 
You can build your own base and recruit heroes to attack enemy players in stormborn war of legends game. It is necessary to level up and strengthen your heroes if you want to defeat enemies. You can use the Archon currency to level up your heroes. Maybe many players want to know how to get many game currency. Simple, you can earn it by completing quests or building Archon Wells and completing quests.
What's more, you can also get equipment by completing quests. To some extend, the good equipment is the key to win the battle. You will get equipment that can make your heroes powerful by completing quests. Besides that, you should know that you can only use a few heroes in battle so you should try not to spread your equipment about too much even though it's tempting. 
You should have a try if you haven't played this amazing game before. appgamenews.com offers you stormborn war of legends ios free download. In addition, the latest mobile game reviews are also available here. By the way, there are many others mobile strategy games on our site. They are all free to play.