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These Top Build Away! Cheats You Need to Know

Published: 2016-06-24 18:04:06 | Clicks:26 | Author:

How can you build an awesome city in Build Away! - Idle City Builder game? We offered you some guides and tips in previous posts. You need to construct a building, upgrade it, and attract your friends to visit it. In addition to the strategy guides, there are some tricks you have to pay attention to! Read on Build Away! cheats!
- Don’t Try To Expand Too Quickly. The attitudes of neighboring empires should play a big role in how fast you decide to expand during the early game. If the empires closest to you are peaceful, there’s a good chance you won’t need to worry about small gaps in your sphere of influence, since you should have a chance to fill them in before another empire colonizes the area. This is especially true if you maintain good relations with those neighbors.
- “Pops” on the surface of each planet can be moved by dragging them from one tile to another.
- Don’t build your empire’s capital on your species’ homeworld. Instead, wait until you have access to planet with 20+ surface tiles so you have plenty of room for advanced buildings.
- Specialize your planets and sectors (i.e. one for energy, one for minerals, etc) to maximize their effectiveness during the late game.
- Hovering over the Trade Acceptance value on the trade negotiation screen provides a detailed breakdown of the perceived value of the goods in the currently proposed trade.
- Slavery is incredibly OP. 
- If you’re hitting the resource cap, use instant transfers of energy credits and/or minerals to reduce your stockpile and improve your relations with other empires
- Military Stations and Wormhole Generators can be built outside your borders, too.
- Frontier Outposts can be added to sectors. Once added, you’ll no longer pay upkeep on them and sectored outposts won’t count towards your current Influence penalty. (WARNING: There are reports this is a bug, not an intended feature, that could change in an upcoming patch.)
- Don’t chase warp drive fleets to a new system if you also use warp drives. Upon arrival, the defenders will have a chance to attack you (during which you cannot return fire) while your ships wait for their systems to finish cooling down.
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