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These Tap Games You Can Play in November 2015

Published: 2015-11-24 11:55:56 | Clicks:42 | Author:

There are many mobile strategy games interesting and highly recommended in November. Among them, some really simple and casual tap game are worth your attention. We are here to give you some top tap games for both ios and android devices in November. These kind of the mobile app games just requires your constant attention and you will tap very often while playing the game. They are Tap the frog faster game, drop your soldier , tap tap dash, tap tap beat, and tap faster. Now, read the detailed introduction about these five games, and choose your favorite one!
First, Tap the Frog faster ios and android is free. Since its release, it has gained over 35 million downloads and users. It stands out in the category of tap app games.A very beautiful game with very nice colours and graphics you can play over 22 mini frog games with single and multiplayer mode. It is absolutely addictive and easy to start! We bet you will love it! In addition, you can stay tuned here for more Tap the Faster cheats update here! 
Second, drop your soldier for ios and android is free. This game has some serious addition and entertainment, Drop Your Soldiers is a short TAP game in which you have to help your soldier landing on a truck in a way that he should collects the grenades and land precisely on the truck by TAPPING your screen. All you have to do is tap on the screen on the right time and in the right direction. It’s highly recommended for the gamers who love to take serious challenges. This is another great app from 99 Studio, Download now and drop your soldier safely.
Third, Tap Tap Dash for ios and android is now free on the app store. A very nice and a new concept game app by Second Arm Studio, TAP TAP DASH has some really nice graphics with cute little birds roaming around in the game. You have 250 levels to complete in the game and all you have to do is TAP! On the right time, and at the right place. And make sure you don’t wrong TAP in the game cause then you’ll have to start over again. It’s a nice game and is worth playing.
Forth, Tap Tap Beat for Android is free now. If you like playing sound while playing a game in your smartphone? Then this is the app for you. TAP TAP BEAT is a very nice game with a good concept where the game meets the sound. There are three levels in the game along with the 3 different types of guitar. It’s a fun game and I am sure you guys will like it.
Last, Tap Tap Faster for Andoroid is now free. So you like tapping? Here is a pure TAP game for you. Tap faster is based on the number of taps you can do in 15 seconds round. The faster you tap the more score you will make. Download now and challenge your friends to this crazy game. The game is developed by Nownew Games Studios.
So which one do you like best? Our suggestion is to try Tap the Frog Faster game! This game is the third version of tap the frog series. The unique feature and perfect graphics are amazing! In addition, we also recommend you check the mobile video games provided here! Have a fun, a relaxing time with the app game now!