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The Latest Cubecat nya-nya Strike Cheats, Guides and Tips

Published: 2016-01-20 12:26:03 | Clicks:13 | Author:


Appgamenews.com is the most professional website offering the latest popular mobile strategy games for both ios and android system. Cubecat nya-nya Strike is a new RPG, and you star as the main CubeCat whose goal is to go through wave after wave of evil cats, thwarting their attacks and collecting Meow Gold so that you can get better sidekicks. The final goal is to go for as many waves as possible. If you want to know to play Cubecat nya-nya Strike better, read the practical Cubecat nya-nya Strike cheats provided below!

1. Just avoid getting hit by enemy shots. The best ways to do that is to drag your sidekick around in  he blue zone and use it as a shield to diminish the shots, or simply to launch your sidekick in the direction of the shots. That way they will blast through the shots, then hit the enemy cats.
2. Do a special attack when you fill up your fever meter more than halfway. When the blast-icon appears in a speech bubble above the head of your cat, tap your cat and the sidekick will start its special attack, which varies for every sidekick that you get.
 Use the special as often as you can, especially when you are facing off against tough enemies. If you want to fill up your fever meter quickly, sit there and drag your sidekick around so that it eats bullets. Each bullet that it absorbs will give you some more fever.
3. When you lose at a round, you will be able to either watch an ad or pay Meow Gold so that you can start again with full health. If you lose again, or if you don’t choose to take this option, you will then be able to watch an ad in exchange for double the Meow Gold that you would have won during the round itself. Take the ad option every time; spending Meow Gold on restarting is almost always a waste of money.
4. After level 11, you’ll be able to skip ten levels ahead by paying 1000 Meow Gold for every 10 levels that you skip. Early on in the game, you will not want to skip levels. Start off at the earliest wave so that you earn the most gold possible. Later on though, the gold will not be worth the time that it takes to earn it, so you’ll want to do some skipping ahead in order to speed up your earning of gold relative to the amount of time spent earning it.
5.Be sure to upgrade your sidekicks to improve all of their stats. This will begin to take a whole lot of gold after awhile, but it’s worth the expenditure. Unlock new cat sidekicks if you need cats with different statistics, or difference balances of speed, power, critical damage, and special attack types.
If you are a beginner player, you can follow these 5 tips to help you improve Cubecat nya-nya Strike gameplay experience! At the same time, you can also find various categories of top free strategy games and best strategy guide here! Keep close for more updates about Cubecat nya-nya Strike cheats!