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The Latest Bubble Genius Review You Should Know

Published: 2015-11-18 17:51:27 | Clicks:19 | Author:

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Bubble Genius was launched by Outplay Entertainment and the CEO is Richard Hare. He said that Bubble Genius was a captivating adventure with unique gameplay and lovable characters. Bubble Genius has five different gameplay styles. 
It featuring amazing characters such as a cast of colorful and a host of clever puzzles. There is a clever but weird scientist named Penny. She meets some troubles and what you should do is to help her. You have to put a stop to the bubble chaos unleashed by her envious rival named Vee.
Just come on and explore the new bubble-shooting adventure. You will be addicted to the amazing gameplay. Our site will constantly share the latest bubble genius review with you. In addition, you can also get many useful bubble genius cheats by mobile video games here. Anyway, hope you guys could keep your eyes on appgamenews.com.