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Tap the Frog Faster, The New Game is Now Available

Published: 2015-11-20 17:59:02 | Clicks:37 | Author:

For those who love playing Tap the Frog game, stay focus on this new version, Tap the Frog Faster.  It combines features from both of its older siblings to create a hybrid that is both familiar and unique in its execution. Instead of standalone games you can select one at a time, Faster presents an endless wave of mini-games that must be tackled in the order they appear. Players will no longer pick which game they want to play and aim for a high score in that game individually. Instead, a countdown timer is present for the entire “run” and completing a game awards bonus time that allows you to keep going. More mobile strategy games for both ios and android will be recommended in the following articles. Keep close here!
Tap the Frog Faster game within each run feel more like Doodle since you have a set goal that must be completed, but the constantly-counting-down timer provides the hectic rush of the sequel.
Although the mini-games themselves are reminiscent of (and at times identical to) the previous entries, Faster introduces a few new ideas to the series. To begin with, it’s the first title to feature any sort of story, starting with a cut scene that depicts our listless frog friend deciding to pursue a martial arts career. Now, the Tap the Frog Faster ios is available on the app store, so you can download it and start to play!
His mini-game challenges, punctuated by the occasional “boss fight” against sumo wrestlers and ninjas, are the training he must undergo to become an expert frog fighter. There’s also a simple collectible card system that awards cards associated with specific mini-games and which give bonus time on those games. If you have two of the same card, you can level them up to earn even more time, creating a way to advance to higher levels in a run without magically becoming faster than is humanly (froggily) possible.
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