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Tap The Frog Faster New Game Deserves Your Attention

Published: 2015-11-25 12:27:13 | Clicks:61 | Author:

Tap the Frag series game was first launched in 2011, and the second game released in 2012. One of the most popular games is the second version, Tap the Frog: Doodle. After numerous updates, Tap the Frog: Doodle now features over 80 games and a huge wardrobe of items used for frog dress-up, while Tap the Frog only boasts 18 challenges alongside a few same-device multiplayer options. Doodle focused on completing a task in a set amount of time and graded you on how long that task took. Just like most mobile strategy games, this tap the frog game always make people feel frustrated and addicted to it! Today, we suggest you the third edition, Tap the Frog Faster game,which adds some new features and changes. You will love it if you you are looking for some simple and challenge cute app games!
In Tap the Frog 2, the timer would count up from zero and your score would be whatever the timer was at when the task was complete. This created a series of extremely short challenges that often lasted less than 10 seconds if you were even remotely good at completing them.
Tap the Frog (2), however, tasked you with similar challenges but utilized a timer that counted down, thus awarding points for how much of the challenge you were able to accomplish. So, instead of “catch eight flies” being the goal, Tap the Frog would ask you to “catch as many flies as possible in 30 seconds.” Since you could earn additional time while playing and extend the clock, Tap the Frog’s games typically lasted much longer, upwards of a couple of minutes on a successful roll. Both games allowed you to play the mini-games of your choosing; although you had to play all of them at least once to unlock new challenges, they were self-contained and you could play only your favorites if you desired.
As for Tap the Frog Faster ios, it adds an energy system and premium currency, which is somewhat understandable—the previous two games were entirely free-to-play, with Doodle’s only potential for monetary gain coming from its optional frog costumes—but we’ve yet to see if the energy system will be restrictive or not on a game that is all about frequent micro-plays. There is a way to buy out the IAPs for a very generous 99 cents, but it’s only available via “Kids Mode,” which removes the game’s timers (and challenge) as well. But since the previous two games were so generous with playtime, we’re hopeful Faster will prove to be, as well. Anyway , we believe that this Tap the Frog Faster is an excellent tap game you should try!
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