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Super Stickman Golf 3 Cheats Updated for Players

Published: 2016-07-14 15:51:25 | Clicks:25 | Author:

While playing with Super Stickman Golf 3 game, you definitely wish to have more fun with it. That’s why we are here to share the useful cheats for you, hope these cheats can help play the game better! Except for this game, we also offer other popular mobile strategy games, such as Farm Heroes Super Sage game, CSR Racing 2 game ect. Check to make download via our website.
Some easy and useful Super Stickman Golf 3 cheats will be shared as below:
Take your time – Even when you’ve tapped to start your shot charging, you can still move the angle of your shot. And once you’ve tapped to select your swing, you still have to tap again to fire it off.
Don’t go for the bucks – The first time you play through a course, try and score under par rather than chasing the bucks. Save them for a second play through.
Use the spin – You can change the spin of the ball even after it’s landed, so use it to your advantage if it looks like you’re going to end up in trouble.
Don’t chase the swish – The swish, or getting a ball into the hole without it touching the sides, is a good way to lose a shot, but it’s pretty difficult to pull one off on purpose.
Bank shots – Bank shots are a great way to find shortcuts in levels. Smash the ball against a wall so it bounces off in the opposite direction. Remember to hit them hard.
First spin – You don’t have to use the spin on the flat, use it when you hit ceilings or walls to change the way the ball is going.
Use what you’ve got – Don’t forget to use the special skills you unlock as you play through the game. They’re the best way to get lower scores and nab hard to reach bucks.
Look for the furniture – There’s usually a reason that pieces of levels are where they are. Have a scan around and look for the shortcuts and options that they can offer.
We will keep updating more related and further information for Super Stickman Golf 3 ios. What’s more, if you are interested to play more free mobile strategy games, our website definitely will be a great choice for you!